AAP 항공조종사 선행학습(메인)

AAP 항공조종사 선행학습

  • FAA Flight Instructor : Stephanie Kang
  • Back-ground history
    • Studied at Korea University
    • Worked at KCC in Marketing in Korea
    • Works at Lotte Chemical in USA
    • Flight school – Sunrise Aviation
    (In Ormond Beach Airport)
    • Flight school - Pan Am Flight Academic
    (In Kissimmee Airport)
    • Flight school – IAA
    (In Lakeland Airport)
    • CFI, CFII
  • Section 1.
    Private Pre-knowledge Program
    3 weeks! (3hours / a day) = 45 hours
    1. Preflight Inspection
    2. Required Inspection
    3. Airworthiness Requirements
    4. Private Pilot Certificate and Documents
    5. Flight Rules
    6. Airplane Systems
    7. Principles of Flight
    8. Airplane Flight controls
    9. Cross Country Flight Planning
    10. Airspaces
    11. Aeromedical Factors
    12. Air traffic Control and Radio
    13. Weather
  • Section 2.
    Instrument Pre-knowledge Program
    1 weeks! (3hours / a day) = 18 hours
    1. Aeronautical experience required for IR
    2. Approach Types and Detailed information
    3. Holdings
    4. Lost Communication Procedure
    5. Leaving the Clearance limit
    6. Navigations
    7. Airplane Systems
    8. IR Cross Country Flight planning
    9. Weather
    10. IFR Chart
    11. IR Regulations
Why do you need Pre-Knowledge Study?
한국어 수업을 통한 이해력 강화 전문 용어 선행 학습 돈과 시간 절약 실제 FAA 비행교관과 학습 선행 학습으로 미국 현지 경험
Easy to understand Professional Terminology
Prior Learning
Money and Time
With FAA instructor
in United states
Why do you need Pre-Knowledge Study?
한국어 수업을 통한 이해력 강화
Easy to understand
전문 용어 선행 학습
Professional Terminology
Prior Learning
돈과 시간 절약
Money and Time
실제 FAA 비행교관과 학습
With FAA instructor
선행 학습으로 미국 현지 경험
in United states